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THUMBS UP - 'MAKING POSITIVE CHANGES TO THE MENTAL HEALTH OF YOUNG PEOPLE' would like to wish you a very happy summer holidays and look forward to catching up with you soon

Thumbs Up....as contained within the Government Mental Health and Wellbeing Provision in schools publication 2018 (see 'latest news' for link to document)  

Thumbs Up are presenting bespoke sessions via Zoom and Microsoft Teams for those schools not able to allow external visitors in - get in touch for details, we also can offer a private service too straight into your home!

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Welcome to The Thumbs Up Education Programme. Thumbs Up is evolving all the time, and we can't wait for you to join us as we progress the company further afield throughout the UK and create a further online presence. Thumbs Up can be presented to any child of any age, and can be adapted to your school, your children.  Please see our 'programme details' page for a more concise outline of the individual programmes we offer.

The programme has been developed with the many concerns that can arise for primary school children upwards to secondary school age.  Emotional, physical and mental changes are heightened at this time, and coupled with such issues as the gargantuan leap to secondary school, SATs, GCSE's etc can lead to children of all confidence levels and academic abilities struggling with these issues, which can thus lead to issues of low confidence and self-esteem. By implementing the Thumbs Up Programme in your child's school can mean ensuring a positive mental wellbeing for the years to come. 


Thumbs Up working in partnership with S4S

Following the success of our recent livestreams, and long discussions with our partner company Services 4 Schools Ltd (S4S) (based in Wolverhampton), we are now producing a series of professionally created videos that will be targeting key stage 2 children and with enhanced focus on year 6 and work related to the transition to secondary school.  The videos will be available from the end of May/beginning June, following ‘half-term’.  We do appreciate there is no concrete date for children returning to school, however, these sessions can be accessed at home (via your school if they ‘sign-up’) or in school if the children do return in the coming weeks/months.

There seems to be a lot of focus on physical health and academic learning during the school closures, and we know first hand that children are struggling with issues surrounding mental health; they are confused, worried, bored etc, as their lives have been turned upside down.  We - as adults can rationalise this, and often will find other events in our lives to correlate the current situation too, however, children tend not to be able to do this, which often manifests itself as frustration, anger and anxiety and a whole host of other emotions and feelings too.

We are going to address this in our videos; they will be fun, engaging, interactive and most of all informative.  We cannot wait to get started, and see how our online presence flourishes and as we progress we have lots more plans with S4S to take Thumbs Up further afield.  There are lots more sessions we will be creating online in the new school year that will be - in the main, accessed in schools (assuming the children will be back by then!).

We are so excited to be working in partnership with S4S; they are a fabulous company, they certainly share our passion and drive towards improving mental health in our children.  We are so looking forward to seeing where our evolving partnership takes us.  If you wish to read more about S4S please see their website at:- www.services4schools.org.uk.

If your school may be interested in our online sessions (from wherever you are), please email us at admin@thumbsupprogramme.co.uk, we will confirm receipt of your enquiry, give you any more information you require, and then as soon as the videos are available for your school, we will let you know.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

If you require any more information about S4S please click below:-


 Thumbs Up are incredibly proud and privileged to announce that we are now working in partnership with a new Wirral based company called Metamorphosis Educational Consultancy.  Metamorphosis helps your SEN child to achieve their full potential academically.  The tutors, Jo and Clare support your child in developing the necessary skills to thrive, and as such I feel that the work that they do, along with the work that Thumbs Up do - together, can enable a child to flourish on all levels.  Whilst the two businesses remain independent of each other, we have established that there is most certainly a crossover between mental health issues that can often surround children with special educational needs.  For instance low self-esteem, low confidence and anxiety.  In identifying this, the two companies will be able to ensure that if a child presents with either issue impacting their wellbeing, that we can offer an alternative and also extra support.

Please take a look at their website, a truly fantastic initiative that Thumbs Up are delighted to be working with:-

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