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THUMBS UP - contained within the Government Mental Health and Wellbeing Provision in schools publication 2018 (see 'latest news' for link to document)  

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Welcome to The Thumbs Up Education Programme. Thumbs Up is evolving all the time, and we can't wait for you to join us as we continue to evolve the programme, deliver further afield and create an accessible online presence for all. Thumbs Up can be presented to any child of any age, and can be adapted to your school, your children.  Please see our 'programme details' page for a more concise outline of the individual programmes we offer.

The programme has been developed with the many concerns that can arise for primary school children upwards to secondary school age.  Emotional, physical and mental changes are heightened at this time, and coupled with such issues as the gargantuan leap to secondary school, SATs, GCSE's etc can lead to children of all confidence levels and academic abilities struggling with these issues, which can thus lead to issues of low confidence and self-esteem. By implementing the Thumbs Up Programme in your child's school can mean ensuring a positive mental wellbeing for the years to come. 

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