How was Thumbs Up created?

The Thumbs Up Education Programme was created by Sue Mason

From Sue -

I am a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist primarily, but perhaps more importantly I am a mum of two children who have successfully made the transition to secondary school. Many years ago, when my daughter moved to secondary school, I noticed that there was very little preparation for the children to make this huge step in their educational lives, and I noticed a lot of my daughter's peers struggled with the change, and somewhat fell 'underneath the radar' at their new school as a result. Over the subsequent years, I spoke to a lot of parents and teachers, and they too felt that there was indeed a shortfall in support during this time, purely because of the time constraints on the teachers of delivering the curriculum effectively, of course through no fault of the their own! So as a consequence, I began my Thumbs Up development. My transition programme has been a few years in the making, and I have undertaken a vast amount of research and study, to develop - what I believe, could impact our children significantly at this time when they are emotionally vulnerable and may be suffering with a some level of anxiety towards the change ahead.

I am also a fully accredited tutor for the HOPE MacMillan cancer survivorship course, and co-facilitate a programme here on The Wirral. The programme helps cancer survivors to move forward mentally and physically following their illness and subsequent treatment. It is both rewarding and a privilege to work with some inspirational people, and being part of this amazing programme has also given me the impetus to power ahead with Thumbs Up - and I feel through my survivorship course, I have attained so much more confidence and drive to help our children with issues of mental health.

So my passion for improving and maintaining good mental health and wellbeing is huge, and by bringing the programme into primary schools when the children are at this vulnerable age both mentally and emotionally, can potentially arm the children with the tools to take them through adolescence into adulthood with a positive mindset and strategies in place to enable them to cope with the challenges that life will undoubtedly throw at them.

I feel incredibly honoured and privileged to work with some amazing schools and children, and I would love to see it continue to grow and grow, not just here - on The Wirral, but further afield too - Liverpool, Chester and further too. If you are a parent/carer or a teacher, and you feel that the programme is something that will help your children, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you, and possibly Thumbs Up will be something that could change your child's life for the better.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Sue x

The Thumbs Up Education Programme is based in West Kirby, Wirral