Thank you to the wonderful year 6 at Mount Primary for all our wonderful cards and pictures, we truly will treasure them.  Can't wait to see these wonderful children in the summer term.

Thank you for the gorgeous flowers from the Dawpool year 5 class.  We don't do our job for gifts...but it really is nice when we receive them!! No pressure of course! 

We asked a fabulous year 3 class from Grove Street Primaryh School what they remembered the most about the five sessions we spent with them - we were pretty overwhelmed with everything they remembered!  What an amazing group of children they are!

Thank you to a gorgeous year 5 pupil from Thornton Hough Primary School for giving us this fabulous picture, we have promised we would share it on our website - a very proud pupil - you're the best!

Thumbs Up are delighted that our two fabulous ambassadors from Rock Ferry Primary School met the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their recent Wirral visit.  What a privilege for the Rock Ferry children to meet with the Royal Couple and we are delighted that Thumbs Up managed to be there (although not in person!).   Credit for photos to Kensington Palace.

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These fabulous children from Castleway Primary School in Leasowe designed this wonderful poster that was then made by Heatons Office Solutions.  We are so delighted with the poster, that will be making its way around our schools!  We are so proud of these children for grasping the concept of the 'good' and 'bad' side of the wall and to make good choices.  Well done to these fabulous children.

We have had the pleasure of being joined by these lovely five children from Hilbre High School whom have been coming into many primary schools to talk about 'life at secondary school', and answer the questions of the primary school children.  This project has been very successful, thank you so much to Hilbre for allowing them to join us, and also thank you to the children - Scott, Ethan, Sam, Faye and Leah.

Look at the most amazing 'leaving' gift after working with a fantastic group of boys at Riverside Primary School.  Some beautiful homemade cakes - and very welcome they were too, many thanks.  Take a look at our 'what people say about Thumbs Up' page to see how Thumbs Up impacted these lovely boys.

Our wonderful years 1, 2 and 3 from Parkgate Primary School made their very own pause buttons which will sit on their desks to 'press' when they need to.  We were so impressed with the fabulous artwork - they even got them laminated.  Well done guys!

The best day with Thumbs Up!  So many cards from Grove Street Primary School and Bedford Drive Primary School - fabulous word clouds, and even Mr Walton from Bedford Drive dressed up as a super hero (if you want to know why - book the programme!).

This is Cath  - Cath is our new Thumbs Up facilitator and will be working along side Sue to begin with in a supporting role.  Cath brings with her much fun and enthusiasm, she shares the Thumbs Up passion for supporting children with issues of mental health and is so happy to be involved with the programme. 

What a wonderful new addition to our Thumbs Up team!  Look out for us and don't forget to give us a 'thumbs up' - watch this space for free giveaways if you send us a Thumbs Up selfie - with the van!

This is Jemma.  Jemma undertook a weeks work experience with us, talking to children about 'life at secondary school', her presence was very popular, so much so, she received at least 10 marriage proposals in the course of the week!  These are the boys from Black Horse Hill Junior School.

This is why we do what we do.  Message from a young lady at Fender who is going to Wirral Grammar School without any friends, and we told some girls from Rock Ferry Primary School to look out for her.  This was a message from the Fender pupil after induction day.

Our wonderful children at Poulton Lancelyn Primary School giving a big Thumbs Up at their first session.

Important to put this message 'out there' as much as possible. 

Presenting at an Edsential conference on March 10th 2017.

The gorgeous children from Fender Primary School with their Thumbs Up pens and summary sheets.

Our Thumbs Up secondary school representatives displaying their wristbands, so any primary school child entering this secondary school should look out for them - they are more than willing to help!

All our Thumbs Up bits and pieces that the lucky children will get following their sessions.  (Exercise books for individual sessions and wristbands for year 6 pupils - cards and pens for everyone!)

The Thumbs Up Team at an Edsential conference with Rebecca Adlington - who also was in attendance!

Debbie Rainbow - Thumbs Up Facilitator - left Thumbs Up July 2017

Sue Mason - Managing Director and creator of Thumbs Up Education Programme