The Thumbs Up Post-It Board

Throughout the course of the sessions, available to the children is my post-it board. This allows the children at the end of each session to ask me any questions, tell me things they may not want to share in class or just to make general observations and comments about the programme. This resource has proved extremely popular and valuable with the children, and often I am inundated with comments, so much so - transferring the questions to my iPad has become quite a job in itself! Since I started presenting the programme back in May 2015, I have had in the region of 500 questions or comments! What this does is allow the quieter or less confident children an opportunity to ask me a question that they may not feel quite able enough to do so during the session. It has also become a way children can communicate real problems to me, that I then can feed to the teachers if I feel it necessary. The children, whilst encouraged to share, do not have to put their names on their comments/questions, I never read the names out. Not all the comments are about the programme however, I am often asked how old I am, or where do I live or such like! I of course, will remain 'ever 21'. Please take a look at this below (names have been hidden):-