Thumbs Up in partnership with Edsential

Edsential is a jointly owned private company that has been created by Wirral and Cheshire West.  Edsential will be inviting around 300 schools across the region to buy services such as catering, cleaning, learning outside the classroom and development.  One of the particular areas that Edsential are providing help for is Health and Wellbing, and Thumbs Up are delighted to have been asked to work in partnership with Edsential to provide mental health support under this umbrella.  The Thumbs Up Programme will continue as it has done since it began, however booking can now be done via Edsential (please click below) or via Thumbs Up as usual, whereby Thumbs Up will provide you with an Edsential booking form.  If you wish to contact Edsential directly, please do so by clicking below:-  Many thanks.