We are so pleased to be able to offer our Wellbeing in the Workplace programme to your workforce

Long before words such as furlough and COVID were part of our every day vocabulary, Thumbs Up was established as a leading company in delivering emotional health and mental wellbeing support in schools throughout the country. Not only did we target primary and secondary school children, but we too provided support to parents/carers and teachers.However, throughout lockdown, we have established that parents and carers – in general, are sometimes floundering under the weight of work/life/family pressures.We have taken all the aspects of the programme we deliver in schools, and have created something that we feel can provide invaluable support during these challenging times.

The Wellbeing in the Workplace Programme

All our programmes are underpinned by core strategies associated with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and offers simplistic methods to bring about positive changes.

Our newly created Wellbeing In the Workplace Programme is to lead the way, as we diversify to not only present our work in schools but in the workplace too.The programme incorporates many of our core topics that focus on improving emotional health and mental wellbeing and has been adapted with the current situation in mind and of course ensuring it transfers to remote learning effectively.This programme is targeted to any workforce, but in particular parents and carers whom are juggling many balls and often find themselves experiencing a sense that they aren’t coping with the demands that they put upon themselves.

Here at Thumbs Up, we pride ourselves on our unique presentation style.We take the important topic of mental health and deliver it with fun, humour, compassion and interaction. We believe – be it a child or adult, if they are smiling and enjoying the subject, their ability to absorb these invaluable strategies are so much better.Bear in mind – a person who isn’t functioning mentally to full capacity will not perform academically or in a work situation effectively.

As we considered the content for our new programme, we envisioned that it could be something that offers transferable skills between the adult and child, therefore the topics we cover can be taken forward for use by the whole family, in fact – the programme can be viewed by the whole family – it can certainly prompt conversation surrounding emotions and feelings that can often be sidelined in these ever-changing and challenging times we are in.

During our Wellbeing in the Workplace Programme we will be addressing the following topics:-

  • Communicating our emotions and feelings
  • Gaining a better understanding of ourselves (self-awareness/self-worth)
  • Explanation of model of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (thought cycles)
  • How to turn negative thoughts and feelings around
  • Building and maintaining resilience
  • An ‘attitude of gratitude’
  • Introducing mindfulness into everyday lives
  • How to sleep well
  • Positive affirmations
  • The impact a positive mindset has on our ability to perform
  • Anxiety/stress/anger management
  • Personal best
  • Focussing on our strengths whilst accepting our weaknesses

The programme can be delivered remotely and accessed at work or at home by your workforce.It incorporates two hours of presentation, the first half being 45 minutes and 10 minute break, then another 45 minutes and the remaining 15-20 minutes will leave time for questions.The cost for this is £250.

If you would like to chat with us about booking this programme, email us at